Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Gator & StyckMan

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Gator & StyckMan’s Blog

Kristian Bush – Southern Gravity


Kristian Bush’s “Southern Gravity” will be available via iTunes on April 7th (as well as on – with “Trailer Hitch” as an instant download.   Pre-orders for Kristian Bush’s debut solo album “Southern Gravity” launches TODAY!     Post by Kristian Bush.   Read More »

The Magical iPad


It’s no secret Styckman loves juggling and magic tricks. Not quite as much as Gator loves naps, but a lot. This is one act they’d both love to have the app for, or at least this guy’s iPad. Read More »

Thunder Snow Joys


We shared with you Jim Cantore’s over excitement at catching Thunder Snow on camera while reporting live. While we found it amusing, it wasn’t nearly as exciting for us as it was this little lady. We think she’s the only besides Jim who is actually happy about the current weather. Read More »

Shhh Don’t Wake Him

We asked for the strangest place you’ve fallen asleep for the COUNTRY Question. Styckman gets credit for inspiring the question. The reason? We actually caught him napping between songs. Pics or it didn’t happen?? Done and Done!   Read More »

Thunder Snow!!!

jim snow

We’re glad someone’s excited about all the bad weather. As cool as Thunder Snow may sound, we gotta be honest and say we’re glad we’re watching this online instead of in person. The snow covered face part gave us chills. In fact, pass the hot chocolate while ya watch this would ya? Read More »

Melissa Hale, Northside Elementary School, Feb.12, 2015


As you know I spend a lot of time at Northside Elementary School in Smithville. I’ll say, go ahead and mark your calendar for May 14th, that’s the date of our 5th grade musical this year…we’re doing a Country Show that you don’t want to miss. I’d like to send out a big ole congrats to Melissa Hale. She teaches ... Read More »

Anonymous Strikes Major Blow To ISIS


The hacktivist group known as Anonymous took control of ISIS’s social media accounts. They explained in a video that a team of ‘Muslims, Christians, Jews’ took the action as part of  Operation Isis (#OpISIS) Read More »