Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Gator & StyckMan

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Gator & StyckMan’s Blog

Who is the Bigger Idiot… Men? or Women?


In case you’re not aware, The winners of “Darwin Awards” die in a HUGE variety of stupid ways… but most of them have one thing in common: They’re men. A study in a British Medical Journal calls this proof of “male idiot theory.” According to the study, out of 318 verified cases from the last 20 years, 282 Darwin Awards winners were male ... Read More »

Best Christmas Carols EVER


This guy has a whole YouTube channel of talking animals and it’s some FUNNY STUFF…but I think his best work is his yearly Christmas Carols. (I certainly hope he puts out another one this year) Read More »

[Watch] Magician Gets Out Of A Speeding Ticket By Performing A Trick


This is video of a magician named Steven Brundage getting pulled over on his way home from a holiday party in New York City. The officers asked why he had so many cards in his car, and he told them it was because he’s a magician. The cops asked him to perform a trick for them… so he solved a Rubik’s Cube in one second ... Read More »

Oops I Let The Cow In


This little girl really loves her pet baby calf. When her mom wasn’t looking the five year old let the cow in the house to chill with the family dog. Instead of FUSSIN’ at her, Mom just recorded the Internet GOLD for the us to enjoy. Read More »

Seth Alley In Studio


So to fill you in a little background, Gator and Seth are from SPARTA. In fact Gator KNOWS Seth’s family.. so it made for a very cool family-like conversation. Here’s the FULL “interview”. Read More »