Monday, March 30, 2015
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Karli Threet

Karli_On-air_TemplateWeeknights on 106-9 Kicks Country.

What better way to end your day than with 106-9 Kicks Country and Karli Threet as they make your weeknights the most country, every weeknight from 7 to 10.

Want to know more about Karli?

1. What’s in your CD player or on your personal playlist right now? 
I still use my cd player in my car! I have the first Nashville album playing currently.

2. What’s your favorite movie?
It used to be Fox and the Hound, but then Frozen happened and I might or might not have watched Frozen more times than I’ve ever watched any other movie…

3. What do you watch on T.V.?
I’m in love with Pretty Little Liars! But since Netflix hasn’t updated yet, I’m currently stuck on The Vampire Diaries.

4. Where are you most likely to be spotted around Cookeville?
You can catch me on a softball field or at Tech pretending to study.

5. What are your top three favorite foods?
Sushi, anything non-American, and pizza.

6. You’re going to the movies. What are you getting at the concession stand?
I might be one of those girls who carries an oversized purse stuffed to the brim into the theater and leaves with it empty, if you catch my drift.

7. Do you have pets?
I have my pitty Boomer and as of April 2014, I have a Basset Hound-Rottweiler mix named Letty. (I love Fast and the Furious.)

8. What made you want to work in radio?
I began in the news department, and then received the opportunity to try On-Air and I absolutely loved it! Now I also work in Public Relations and it’s something different every day, which keeps me on my toes.

9. What was your first job?
I worked at Big O Donuts in Crossville and couldn’t stand the smell of donuts for a few years after I left. Sometimes too much of something is a very bad thing!

10. Can you picture yourself with a different career, if so – what?
If I could do anything, I’d love to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World. It’s a little far out there, especially since I can’t stand saltwater, but it could definitely happen in my perfect world. That would be where saltwater was sugar water and tasted wonderful.

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