Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Reba McEntire’s Father Passes Away


Post by Susie McEntire. Clark McEntire passed away late last night (Oct. 23rd) at the age of 86. Three years ago he suffered a stroke and Reba was very open about his long hospital stay. Today she writes this heartfelt message:   Post by Reba McEntire. Our thoughts and prayers are with Reba and the entire McEntire family at this ... Read More »

Whoa… Is this REALLY what Renee Zellweger looks like?


#457579454 / Wow. Renee Zellweger hasn’t been in the media lately… but she just resurfaced and I think someone had to check her DNA to make sure it was her! Look at this transformation! Do you like what she’s done or do you prefer how she used to look? #457579386 / Renee 2014 #2313413 / Renee back ... Read More »

Apple Calls Stephen Colbert

Apple Colbert

Just when you thought you had enough Apple gadgets… get ready for MORE! Luckily for us, one of those gadgets is free, and it’s the OS X Yosemite upgrade! Yay! During a presentation of Yosemite, Apple’s Craig Federighi displayed the power of taking calls from your Computer by calling Stephen Colbert. The following conversation is hilarious. I’m glad to see Apple ... Read More »

Honor Student Suspended For Year, After Bringing Pocketknife to School

Teen Suspended Because of Pocketknife

So a 17-year-old teen in Dearborn, MI, was caught with a pocketknife in her purse at a high school football game. She claims it was given to her by her grandfather for protection because of her commute through downtown detroit! Understandable I say. Well the school has a no tolerance policy on weapons and first expelled her. Now she has ... Read More »

Terrifying Scream Chair

Terrifying Scream Chair

As a grown man… this would make me need a diaper change. Halloween is all about good scares, but is this decoration a little TOO scary for trick or treaters? As you can see it’s made to look like an old lady sitting in a chair. But when you walk by it LUNGES at you screaming! Of course you would ... Read More »

35,000 Walrus Stranded In Alaska


Whoa! And you thought the grocery store was crowded! Try being a walrus right now, living on shore not too far from Anchorage, Alaska. 35,000 Walrus have come ashore! That is of course RECORD NUMBERS. The reasoning? Turns out walrus normally hang out on arctic sea ice. Turns out, there isn’t any arctic sea ice this year. So… the walrus ... Read More »

The Voice: Luke Wade Blows The Judges Away!


Last night’s “Voice” premiere is in the books. And of all the performers, my favorite had to be Luke Wade! His voice was incredible, and that sound is very hot right now. Plus… he has two first names, so that’s good. Read More »