Wednesday, April 1, 2015
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Shyanne_On-air_TemplateSunday mornings on 106-9 Kicks Country.

Calling the city of Cookeville home, Shyanne grew up loving country music and the radio it played on. She could just imagine what it must be like to play those songs for other people to enjoy. To have the chance to talk to the world through a microphone. Well, it’s become more than time spent wondering these days as she enjoys getting to live that dream on the weekends on 106-9 Kicks Country. Come join Shyanne as she lives the dream and plays the most country here on 106-9 Kicks Country, every Sunday morning from 9 to 11.

Here’s more about Shyanne

What’s in your CD player or on your personal playlist right now? I got a ton of different music on my ipod. Mostly Shania Twain, Ashton Shephard, and Carrie Underwood. I got a lot of songs by other artists though.

What’s your favorite movie? Thats difficult. I love almost any animated movie. I believe my favorite movie though is Lion King 2. I’ve watched it about a thousand times.

What do you watch on TV? I am obsessed with “Gilmore Girls”.  I keep hoping they will make another season. I also watch The Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, and Spongebob.

Where are you most likely to be spotted around Cookevifle? The TTU library or a park. I love to read and study at either place. It all depends on the weather.

What are your top three favorite foods? Chicken Casserole, BBQ Bacon Burger, and Peach Cobbler with vanilla ice cream. All of which is only my favorite if my momma makes it.

You’re going the the movies, what are you getting at the concession stand? My Grandmommie and I go in together and buy the refill popcorn bucket since we usually only go to the movies together. During the summer my husband and I prefer the Sparta Drive In. We bring pizza.

Do you have pets? Yes. My husband and I have 4 dogs. We have three beautiful dachshunds that cover my facebook page. Their names are from my favorite book series, the Eragon series. Their names are Arya, Eragon, and Murtuagh. Then we have one large dog named Dandy. We also have two horses on our property.

What made you want to work in radio? I love listening to the radio. I have always liked how each radio personality was funny yet informative. I remember admiring Gator and Styckman growing up. Now I work with them. I want to do what they do.

What was your first job? Dairy Queen. I managed to work there about three months before I started going crazy.

Can you picture yourself with a different career, if so – what? Yes. I am currently a Communication major at TTU and I loved giving speeches when I was part of the debate team. I can see myself traveling and giving motivational speeches when I’m older.

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